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5G and the steel industry

5G has many application scenarios in the steel industry, which enables continuous optimization of the production process.


Technological progress 5G empowers the steel industry.


The iron and steel industry is a typical process production industry. The production process is continuous. In order to transmit a large amount of information in a timely manner in a complex environment, the original information system urgently needs to be intelligently transformed.


In recent years, the "5G Industrial Internet" has been empowered by big data to accelerate the application of functions such as remote control, collaborative operation, and fault diagnosis, which is boosting the quality and efficiency of this traditional industry.


In the past, operators sweated profusely in the production workshop. Now, they can control production remotely while sitting in the operation room. In the past, if the production equipment failed, it would affect the product quality, and it was generally not found until the final sampling inspection. Now, the sensor automatically monitors the operation of the equipment, diagnoses the fault in real time and accurately locates it, and the yield rate is higher.


The production scenarios of the steel industry are relatively complex, and the production process requirements are relatively high. In recent years, thanks to the promotion and empowerment of "5G Industrial Internet", steel production and manufacturing have gradually transformed into digital and intelligent direction, and technological progress has brought more impetus to the high-quality development of the industry.