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ASTM A36 steel material and ASTM A572 steel material COMPARISON

ASTM A36 and ASTM A572 are two popular types of structural steel, as their chemical compositions and mechanical properties give these materials high strength and machinability that are ideal for structural applications.


A36 steel plate is considered a low carbon, or mild, steel, meaning it contains a carbon composition of between 0.05% to 0.25%. The low carbon content of A36 plate makes it one of the most ductile – or machinable – types of carbon steel, meaning it is easy to form and machine into a variety of structural shapes.


A572 is also a mild carbon steel, but the greater addition of certain chemical alloys – such as phosphorus, manganese and silicon – makes it a high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steel, meaning it has higher strength and lower weight relative to mild steel. These properties make A572 plate ideal for use in structural applications that require the ability to withstand high stress, such as bridges and transmission towers.