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Chemical composition and mechanical properties of Q345R steel plate

Q345R steel plate is boiler vessel plate, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power station, boiler and other industries, generally used in the production of reactors, heat exchangers, separators, gas pipes, liquefied gas tanks, boiler gas package and liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, etc..

Chemical composition of Q345R steel plate
C: ≤0.20,
Si: ≤0.55,
Mn: 1.20-1.70,
P: ≤0.025,
S: ≤0.010,
Cu: ≤0.30,
Ni: ≤0.30,
Cr: ≤0.30,
Mo: ≤0.08,
Nb: ≤0.050,
V: ≤0.050,
Ti: ≤0.030,
Alt: ≥0.020,
Other Cu+Ni+Cr+Mo≤0.70.

Mechanical properties of Q345R steel plate
Yield strength: ≤16mm: ≥345, 16-36: ≥325, 36-60: ≥315, 60-100: ≥305, 100-150: ≥285, 150-200: ≥265.
Tensile strength: 470:640
Impact test: Temperature: 0℃: ≥34.
Elongation: ≥21.
High temperature mechanical properties of Q345R steel plate: Temperature: 500℃ : 20 -36: yield ≥180.

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