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EN 10025-2 S355J2 steel plate chemical composition and yield strength

EN 10025-2 S355J2 steel plate is a European standard hot-rolled structural steel product, and other materials of the same series such as S355JO.

Execution standard of EN 10025-2 S355J2 steel plate
EN 10025-2 S355J2 steel plate implements the standard EN10025-2: 2004. (Old standard EN10025: 1990)

The chemical composition of EN 10025-2 S355J2 steel plate: C: ≤0.22; Si: ≤0.55; Mn: ≤1.60; P: ≤0.025; S: ≤0.025; Cu: ≤0.55;

EN 10025-2 S355J2 steel plate yield strength (Mpa): ≤16mm: ≥355; 16-40mm: ≥345; 40-63mm: ≥335; 63-80mm: ≥325; 80-100mm: ≥315; 100-150mm: 295; 150 -200mm: ≥285; 200-250mm: ≥275; 250-400mm: ≥265.

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