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EN S355JR steel plate professional supplier

EN S355JR steel plate is a European standard code, belonging to low-alloy high-strength structural steel plates. The standard of use is: EN0025:2004, EN10029:1991. It is slightly higher than the domestic Q345 series steel plate.
(1) in the development of EN S355JR steel plate, it is necessary to refine the treatment process and ensure the addition of a number of microalloying elements for strengthening.
(2) control of rolling and cooling temperature is the key to the development of rolling, not only to control rolling and cooling, but also to ensure the thickness of the re-rolling EN S355JR steel plate, after the temperature of the pressing rate is greater than 60%.
(3) the control proportion of EN S355JR steel plate microalloying elements should be scientific and reasonable.
(4) after the development of EN S355JR steel plate, the performance is stable, with the conditions of mass production.
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