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Hot rolled S355JR angle steel

In normal S355JR angle steel, according to the different products should be checked about 1h, abnormal should be more sampling, every adjustment must sampling inspection. If the sampling S355JR angle steel length is 50-100 mm, if there are intermittent folds, ears, tumors, pits and section sizes exceeding the allowable deviations on the S355JR angle steel surface, the specimens with a length of 1.8 ~ 2.0 m should be cut for examination.

Our S355JR angle steel were sampled and checked during trial rolling, and 1 or 2 S355JR angle steel pieces were sampled and checked during trial rolling. The rolling mill quality adjustment and adjustment work should take the S355JR angle steel head, the middle, the tail sample inspection separately, after the dimension is qualified and has no defect, then the continuous rolling.

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