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Key points of tubesheet in deep-hole drilling

With the continuous development of technology, tubesheet in deep-hole drilling is a typical structure of chip row deep hole drill, it is improved on the basis of the single blade chip row deep hole drill, the cutting edge is double-sided wrong tooth shape, chip cut from both sides, and through the double-sided chip row hole into the drill pipe discharge hole.

Tubesheet in deep-hole drillingg cutting force evenly distributed, chip, breaking properties can be good, stable and reliable drilling, drilling out of the deep hole linear good.

1. Tubesheet in deep-hole drilling processing can not directly observe the cutting tool cutting situation, so the processing can only by listening to the voice, see the chip, observe the machine tool load and cutting fluid pressure and other methods to judge the chip removal and tool wear.
2. Tubesheet in deep-hole drilling processing heat dissipation is difficult, must use effective and reliable cutting heat cooling mode.
3. Tubesheet in deep-hole drilling is difficult to discharge chips, such as the occurrence of cutting is very easy to damage the tool blocking, so it must be reasonable to choose the cutting dosage, to ensure that the fault is reliable, smooth discharge.
4. The hole is prone to deflection when drilling deep holes, so the guide device and measures should be considered when designing the structure of the tool and liquid feeder.
5. Deep hole drilling long, poor rigidity, easy vibration, will directly affect the processing accuracy and production efficiency, so a reasonable choice of cutting dosage is very important.