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Longmen Iron and Steel Scenic Spot

In the context of the new era, industrial integration has become a common phenomenon in the economic field, which not only breaks down industrial barriers and expands new markets, but is also of great significance to economic growth and strategic innovation. Industrial tourism is a demand for diversified tourism consumption in modern society, and it is also an inevitable product of the integration and development of industries empowered by industrial culture.

Since 2016, Shaanxi Iron and Steel Group Longgang Company, as a steel enterprise with large consumption of resources and energy, industrial tourism has provided a new breakthrough for Shaanxi Iron and Steel Longgang.



Through the gradual development and creation of industrial tourism projects, Shaanxi Iron and Steel Longgang Comprehensive Service Company has opened the image window of the company's external publicity, gradually enhanced the company's external social influence, improved its brand awareness, and promoted the improvement of the company's potential benefits in all aspects.


Shaanxi Iron and Steel Longgang Comprehensive Service Company takes science education, interactive experience, and ecological display as the general keynote, and takes the original ecological industrial production features such as steel production sites and technological processes as tourism resources, and creates a "steel is made like this" as a tourism resource. The theme of the national AAAA-level tourist attraction not only enables traditional steel enterprises to show new vitality and vitality, but also realizes the best way for cultural empowerment of industrial development, so that culture, tourism and industry can be organically integrated and mutually promoted, and made for China High-quality development provides flexible support.


In addition, taking advantage of the resource advantages of "steel industry + cultural tourism", the company has successively launched special theme activities such as "cultural tourism + educational training", "cultural tourism + reading appreciation", "industry + technological innovation", etc., enriching the connota


tion of corporate culture , which enhances the experience of tourists' industrial tour.