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Mechanical properties and temper brittleness of 15Cr alloy steel plate

15Cr alloy steel plate, which is a commonly used low-carbon alloy carburizing steel, can significantly increase the surface carbon content and increase the carburizing depth during carburization, but there is a tendency for grains to grow during high temperature and long-term carburization And the tendency to form network carbides.

For parts with simple shapes and low requirements, they can be directly cooled and quenched after carburizing, but the deformation after heat treatment is large, and there is temper brittleness. The hardenability of 15Cr alloy steel plate is higher than that of No. 15 carbon steel, and it is critically quenched in oil.

The penetration diameter is 2-15mm, and the critical quenching diameter in water is 6-29mm. In addition, the 15Cr alloy steel plate has high cold deformation and good weldability, and good machinability in the annealed state.