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New Steel enters the industrial 5G era

Industrial enterprises plan to build 5G fully connected factories, promote the penetration of 5G applications from peripheral auxiliary links to core production links, and accelerate the promotion of typical scenarios.


It is understood that Fushun New Steel has been relying on the development and growth of the refined management platform since 2018 to promote the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading based on "5G + the whole process of metallurgy".


In 2020, Fushun New Steel completed the deployment and commissioning of major operators' 5G commercial base stations, basically achieving continuous 5G signal coverage in the company's key areas. At the same time, in line with the digital transformation needs of enterprises, Fushun New Steel uses 5G network combined with MEC (multi-access edge computing) private network, slicing and other technologies to put forward the concept of "fully connected factory", which realizes data not leaving the factory, local traffic offloading, and local Business priority.


Based on this, the factory uses the characteristics of 5G high bandwidth and short delay to realize the operation status monitoring and equipment status prediction of the main equipment of the enterprise, and even realize predictive maintenance; using 5G + robot inspection, it solves the problem of high-voltage power distribution room. , flammable and explosive gas tank farms and other high-risk areas; using 5G + UWB (ultra-wideband technology) high-precision positioning, combined with electronic fences, to solve the problem of difficult tracking of human, machine and material; using 5G + machine vision, 5G + sensor model It also collects the information in the automatic driving of the locomotive, realizes the remote control of the locomotive, improves the safety of driving, and lays the foundation for the launch of the drone.

Fushun New Steel also conducted a collaborative debugging test of "unmanned intelligent control + intelligent warehousing + production operations" relying on 5G + ultra-high-definition video technology. The project includes intelligent management of the warehouse area, three-dimensional visual management, unmanned scheduling and remote control, and these applications require network delays as short as 20 milliseconds and rates as high as 1Gbps, which is difficult under 4G and Wi-Fi networks. realized.