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Performance and delivery status of Q245R boiler steel plate

Q245R boiler steel plate has special composition and performance. It is mainly used as a pressure vessel. According to different purposes, temperature and corrosion resistance, the material of the vessel plate should be different.
The delivery status of Q245R boiler steel plate is: hot rolling, controlled rolling and normalizing. Flaw detection is added after the agreement between the supplier and the buyer.

Q245R boiler steel plate is mainly used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, chemical equipment manufacturing enterprises, power station construction, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing and other enterprises to use Q245R boiler steel plate reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, Nuclear reactor pressure shell, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder, water turbine volute.

Due to the harsh operating conditions of petrochemicals, coal conversion, nuclear power, steam turbine cylinders, thermal power, etc., large-scale equipment with complex corrosive media such as: washing tower, second shift furnace, coke tower, desulfurization tank, reformed gas waste heat boiler, methanation furnace , Reactors, regenerators, hydrogenation reactors, methanation heaters, reformed gas steam generators and other equipment and component construction and manufacturing projects use Q245R boiler steel plate.