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Performance and use of 15MnVB alloy steel plate

As a low-carbon martensitic quenching steel, 15MnVB alloy steel plate not only has the characteristics of combining high strength with good plasticity and toughness after quenching and low temperature tempering, but also has a low cold brittle transition temperature.

15MnVB alloy steel plate has excellent cold formability and weldability inherent in general low-carbon steel. The decarburization tendency and quenching deformation during heat treatment are both small. The diameter of fully hardened in oil is 12-18mm (>95℃ martensite) ); Under static load, fatigue and multiple impact loads, the notch sensitivity and overload sensitivity of 15MnVB alloy steel plate are low.

15MnVB alloy steel plate can be used to replace 40Cr steel to manufacture important bolts that require high strength, such as connecting rod bolts, cylinder head bolts, and axle bolts on automobiles.