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Precautions when processing Q345B steel plate

First of all, if the Q345B steel plate is cut during processing, the preheating flame must be as large as possible, and the gas cutting airflow requires the length to exceed one-third of the thickness of the workpiece, and the cutting nozzle needs to follow the workpiece. The surface of the Q345B steel plate presents an inclination angle of ten to twenty degrees, which can ensure that the workpiece processed by the Q345B steel plate can be heated more uniformly.

Secondly, if the size of the workpiece to be cut is different when cutting the Q345B steel plate, then you should first compare the smaller workpiece to cut, and then choose to cut the larger workpiece. If it is a relatively long strip of Q345B steel plate cutting, then leave about 5 cm on both sides without cutting.

In order to ensure the quality of the overall cutting product, when processing the Q345B steel plate, we must pay attention to the quality of the cutting at all times, and at the same time ensure that the continuous cutting effect can be achieved.

The above are the four aspects of Q345B steel plate processing that need to be paid attention to. If these four aspects can be achieved, it will naturally be able to ensure that the processed Q345B steel plate has a better effect.