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Six points of attention should be paid to the intelligentization of steel manufacturing process

First, we must pay attention to the optimization of the physical process of steel manufacturing. The optimization of material flow and energy flow network is the basis of process intelligence integrated optimization. On the basis of the optimization of the physical process of steel manufacturing, intelligence can achieve twice the result with half the effort.


Second, we must pay attention to the sorting and closing of the management and control process. Intelligence is a global optimization. It is not only necessary to focus on the improvement of a single business level, but also to strengthen the management coordination, integration and optimization between two or more business departments or functional activities, so as to realize sales-production transformation, production planning, dynamic scheduling and optimization. Process control vertical coordination.


Third, we must pay attention to the digital application of mechanism knowledge and regulation rules. The understanding and application of mechanism knowledge can comprehend and mine the inherent causal relationship and mechanism characteristics of the steel process through randomly changing data representations, and improve the accuracy and adaptability of the prediction model.


Fourth, we must attach importance to human-machine integration and iterative optimization. By introducing the role or cognitive model of humans into the system, humans and machines can understand each other and form a "human-in-the-loop" hybrid augmented intelligence. Growth, iterative optimization.


Fifth, we must pay attention to the correct understanding and rational selection of information technology. The rapid development of information technologies such as industrial interconnection, big data and artificial intelligence technology has provided various information processing methods for intelligence, but these technologies are not omnipotent. The development of artificial intelligence itself over the past 60 years has shown this. .


Sixth, we must pay attention to the KPI (key performance indicator) orientation and benefit realization of process intelligence. To implement process intelligence, it is necessary to formulate reasonable KPI indicators for different application scenarios, and based on this, determine the decision-making control variables for cross-process collaboration, and propose targeted intelligent solutions, so as to improve the enterprise's lean management and control capabilities and achieve practical results. real benefit.