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SPA-H steel plate sample test results

Take a sample of SPA-H steel plate for metallographic analysis. Its matrix structure is ferrite and a small amount of pearlite. The grains are uniform and fine, and the grain size is 9-10. Tensile fracture morphology of SPA-H steel plate: all fractures are ductile fractures, and the fractures are dimple-like with few inclusions.

The surface quality of SPA-H steel plate, the hot coil box is put into use during the hot rolling process, which better guarantees the uniformity of the strip coil temperature, the normal operation of the rolling line descaling system, the smooth surface of the strip after rolling, and no oxide scale is pressed in and Surface cracks.

From the dimensional inspection of the finished SPA-H steel plate, the thickness and width control accuracy is high, the actual deviations are within the technical requirements, and the pass rate is 100%.

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