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Steel production and 5G smart factories,Maanshan

Maanshan Iron & Steel integrates 5G, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and takes the newly built CCPP (gas-steam combined cycle power generation unit) No. 15 unit as an innovative pilot of smart power plants, which promotes the digitalization, networking and intelligence of thermal power production management. It will contribute to the realization of the "double carbon" goal.


The 5G smart power plant gives Maanshan Iron & Steel a "smart brain" for power production management and control, realizing intelligent operation, and also has many functions such as on-site remote monitoring, perimeter protection, personnel positioning, and intelligent early warning.


Maanshan Iron & Steel 5G smart power plant is based on an integrated smart management and control platform, features a three-dimensional virtual power plant, and integrates 5G smart applications to realize the smart production of the newly built CCPP15 unit.


Among them, the intelligent management and control integrated platform is a support system and basic platform centered on power generation production, based on the premise of safe and reliable operation of power generation equipment, and aimed at economic benefits. Statistics, and supplemented by various management functions.


At present, Maanshan Iron & Steel has achieved the goal of building a smart power plant with unique metallurgical industry characteristics. With the continuous updating of technology and equipment, it will further explore unattended, remote centralized, one-key start, operation, maintenance and inspection integration in smart power plants. function, greatly improving the working efficiency of the unit.