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Steel production is making great strides towards green, intelligent and high-tech

Once, when people talked about steel enterprises, they often regarded it as a synonym for tradition, excess and backwardness. Today is not what it used to be, those inherent impressions are being broken one by one, and steel production plants are making great strides towards modern steel enterprises driven by green, intelligence and high technology.


"I once had a dream that dirty work, tiring work, and dangerous work could be handed over to the machine. We blow the air conditioner, watch the monitor, and manipulate the buttons, and the steel is perfected." An old worker said that he was in 20 A dream many years ago.


Today, in the steelmaking plant of Laiwu Branch, with a click of the mouse, the converter smelting starts, the whole process of lowering the gun, opening oxygen, blowing, feeding, temperature measurement, sampling, tapping, slag splashing and protecting the furnace are controlled by the computer. The composition indexes of carbon, manganese, silicon, and phosphorus are all controlled within the standard range. Previously, experienced staff judged the molten steel condition by directly observing the flame conditions at the furnace mouth, etc. Now there is no need for manual intervention. Nearly 100 intelligent blowing control models are like a super 'smart brain' installed on the converter.


At the delivery site of cold-rolled and pickled steel coils of Rizhao Company, the unmanned intelligent driving robot arm smoothly grabbed a coil of strip steel and hoisted it to the saddle of the vehicle in only 3 minutes. The unmanned intelligent driving can operate continuously for 24 hours, and can complete more than 2,000 tons of steel coils off-line, packaging, storage, transfer, delivery and other tasks every day. The operator only needs to monitor in real time through the electronic display screen in the central control room. .


When "one-button steelmaking" and "unmanned driving" become a reality, when intelligent and digital production lines and workshops are built one after another, workers' expressions show ease and ease.


At the production site, industrial robots use flexible arms to perform operations such as spray numbering, welding marks, temperature measurement and sampling; "cloud models" such as cloud marketing, cloud trading, and cloud settlement collaborate to form the basic framework of the steel industry ecosystem; You take the goods and I pay, and lay out the "chess game" of supply chain finance...Intelligent production is bringing new application scenarios to traditional steel manufacturing.


Smart manufacturing also liberates personnel from single-programmed work, focusing on innovation and value-added services to maximize resource allocation. The sun of digital intelligence has come into reality, and the integration of traditional steel industry and digital intelligence is changing.