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Steel production takes advantage of intelligent manufacturing

In my country, the comprehensive transformation of the manufacturing industry to Industry 4.0 is also the established strategy of "Made in China 2025". So, how can SMEs seize this wave of transformation and help China's "smart manufacturing"? Housekeeper Industry and Trade Pro provides a replicable way for enterprises to transform from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.


Break industry solidification and establish intelligent manufacturing standards.


The production process is the direct embodiment of intelligent manufacturing. Traditional manufacturing often has shortcomings such as solidification of production processes and inconsistent production standards. When enterprises face process innovation or production innovation, it is also difficult for companies to exert their efforts due to the constraints of these problems.


In response to this problem, Industry and Trade Pro provides its own solution for enterprises to transform and upgrade to intelligent manufacturing.


In the Industry and Trade Pro system, enterprises can customize the production process according to their own industry characteristics and processes. By customizing the technological process, it is well adapted to the production and manufacturing process of the enterprise to meet the industrialized and personalized business needs.


In addition, the personalized customization of the industry and process of the manufacturing enterprise is reflected in the Industry and Trade Pro system, which is a complete and standard production process. This production process is related to the production plan, material requirements, cost allocation, etc. in the system, and then A unified and intelligent production management system is formed, and the production process and production standards of products are handed over to an accurate and objective intelligent manufacturing system instead of unstable manpower, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the production efficiency of enterprises and transforming and upgrading manufacturing production.


Enterprises are transforming from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Challenges and opportunities coexist. On the road of reform, mistakes are often made by a thousand miles.