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Technical measures in tubesheet in deep-hole drilling

Before drilling, drill a shallow hole with the same diameter as the drill bit, which can play a guiding and centering role when drilling. This step is especially necessary when machining holes with higher straightness requirements.

When installing and debugging the machine, ensure that the central axis of the workpiece hole and the central axis of the drill pipe coincide as far as possible.

According to the material of the workpiece, the reasonable choice of cutting dosage, in order to control the degree of chip crimp, to obtain c-shaped chip removal. When machining high strength material workpiece, the cutting speed should be appropriately reduced.

In order to ensure the discharge and cooling effect, the cutting fluid should maintain appropriate pressure and flow. Processing small diameter deep hole can use high pressure, small flow; Processing large diameter deep hole can use low pressure, large flow.
Start drilling, should first open the cutting fluid pump, and then start the lathe, cutting; At the end of drilling or failure, the cutter should be stopped first, then stop, and finally close the cutting fluid pump.