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The characteristics and uses of steel grating plate

Steel grating plate is made of flat steel in accordance with a certain distance and twisted square steel cross arrangement, with pressure welding machine or artificial welding. The surface after hot dip galvanized or plastic spray treatment, so as to achieve the effect of rust.

Steel grating plate material is generally carbon steel, such as high anticorrosion requirements can also be used stainless steel. Steel grating plate has strong bearing capacity, good corrosion resistance, good light transmittance, anti-skid explosion-proof ability and so on.

Steel grating plate is used in industrial platform and aisle floor. Steel grating plate is mainly used in power plants, steel plants, refineries, sewage treatment plants, shipyards and other large mechanical equipment operating platform and channel, steel lattice plate can be cut into any shape to meet different use environment.

Steel grating plate is used in ditch cover plate and drainage plate. Mainly used in factories, residential areas, industrial parks, sewage cover, cable trench cover; Drainage covers for car washes, underground parking lots, etc. Can be customized according to the bearing requirements of any specifications, hot dip galvanized material rust resistance up to 20 years.

Steel grating plate is used in steel stair stepping, mainly used in large industry, environmental protection equipment, desulfurization and denitrification tower stair stepping plate, light weight, strong bearing, low cost, tooth steel grating stepping has strong anti-slip performance.

Steel grating plate is used in the ceiling, mainly used in commercial square, subway, station, airport, tobacco manufacturing, sports venues and other indoor ceiling. Stable structure, light weight, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easy maintenance, long service life.

Steel grating plate is used in intelligent three-dimensional parking lots. In recent years, three-dimensional parking lots also use steel grille as car parking lots. It has light weight, strong bearing capacity and simple installation and maintenance.

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