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The Complexity and Difficulty of Smart Steel Manufacturing

"Digital China construction" is reflected in the steel industry, which is often referred to as "digital steel" and "digital steel mill" in recent years. It has been extended to processes such as "digital mine", "digital workshop" and "digital steelmaking". In the final analysis, it is to promote the digital transformation and intelligent transformation of the steel industry.


The steel industry continues to invest a lot of resources in automation and informatization construction, and the overall automation and informatization level of the production process has been significantly improved.


Steel is the foundation of manufacturing. There are many varieties, specifications and forms of steel products, the demand for products is very large, and the number and types of users of the products are very large. These characteristics make the steel production process and production process extremely complex.


Therefore, the promotion of digital transformation in the steel industry and the implementation of intelligent manufacturing are more complex and arduous than other industries. We must fully understand this, in order to avoid detours.


The iron and steel industry ultimately needs to realize the digital and intelligent transformation of the entire production process and enterprise management process as a whole, not only the digital and intelligent transformation of local processes. Partial processes are relatively easy to implement, and "one-key steelmaking", "unmanned or less-manned workshops" and "unmanned driving" have been promoted in the industry. In the future, in addition to continuing to expand the production process optimization work at the industrial site, we should also focus on the operational decision-making optimization work of enterprise management.


From the perspective of "intelligence" and "manufacturing", the so-called intelligence must have the characteristics of self-perception, self-decision, self-execution, self-adaptation, and self-learning. In order to achieve a new leap in intelligent development, the steel industry still needs to make great efforts.