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The first intelligent production line of seamless steel pipe was successfully commissioned

The scorching heat wave emitted by the steel pipe usually envelopes the steel production workshop. In front of the piercing machine of the 258 mm diameter continuous rolling mill unit designed and manufactured by Taizhong Iron and Steel, the technicians responsible for installation and commissioning are staring at each key position... One root is red. The tube blank is pushed out from a high-temperature heating furnace of 1200 ° C, and the punching machine accurately "pierces" the solid tube blank into a hollow tube like an awl.


The test run of the piercing machine of the continuous rolling mill was successful! Taizhong people cheered and cheered, which marked the first victory of the first domestic seamless steel pipe intelligent manufacturing production line project designed and manufactured by Taizhong, and became another major breakthrough of Taizhong in the field of continuous rolling of large-diameter seamless steel pipes.

The production line of 258mm diameter side-out continuous pipe mill includes hundreds of machinery and equipment. Taizhong technicians make full use of digital design methods and a large number of mature intelligent technologies in the design, and adopt the "centralized control center" design scheme for the first time in the industry, which changes the original production process of information lag and manual intervention, and realizes intelligent equipment and information. The systems are interconnected, and each unit of the equipment can quickly and accurately complete processes such as signal acquisition, result feedback, and control execution.


The Rolling Research Institute of Taizhong Technology Center said that this equipment uses the first domestic seamless steel pipe full-process tracking system, and the self-developed 258 mm diameter piercer, continuous rolling mill, and sizing machine process model is also the first application.


The intelligent lubrication system is used for the key lubrication points of the whole line for the first time, which overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional lubrication method, such as unreliable operation, high equipment failure rate and difficult maintenance, etc., and realizes the timing and quantitative remote monitoring of lubrication points. It is the intelligent design of the fluid system of Taizhong rolling steel products Initial attempt. "This equipment can produce seamless steel pipes with diameters ranging from 114 mm to 258 mm, which are widely used in gas cylinder accumulator pipes, petroleum geological drilling pipes, casings supporting the walls of oil and gas wells, boiler pipes and other fields.


From automation to intelligence, it has created more than a dozen national firsts in the field of seamless steel pipe equipment. It has been promoting technological innovation in the details, improving product quality in the transformation, and striding forward for my country's metallurgical equipment to become intelligent and green. Constantly inject vitality.