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The main differences between flat steel and flat bulb steel

Flat steel: refers to 12-300mm wide, 4-60mm thick, rectangular section and slightly with a pure edge of steel. Flat steel can be finished steel, can also be used as a blank for welding pipe and thin slab for rolling sheet.

Flat steel can be according to user demand, fixed thickness, fixed width, fixed length production, for the user to reduce cutting, and save the process, reduce the consumption of labor, material, but also reduce the processing loss of raw materials, save time, labor and material. The products have been professionally used in steel structure manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, mining machinery, lifting machinery and other industries.

Flat bulb steel: it is a kind of special section steel, composed of flat web and spherical ball head, which is mainly used in shipbuilding and bridge construction. Marine spherical flat steel is the auxiliary middle section for shipbuilding. In recent years, with the rapid development of shipbuilding industry, the demand for Marine flat ball steel is strong.

Flat bulb steel has gradually become a special name for Marine flat bulb steel, is the most important type of Marine steel, mainly used as the reinforcement of ship plate, equivalent to the "rib" of human.

At present, the economic benefit of producing flat bulb steel can reach 1.5 ~ 2 times more than ordinary medium profile, and there is a relatively stable market demand, but the biggest obstacle is more specifications, small batch, low output. Incomplete specifications are difficult to occupy the market, complete specifications, rolling mill and roller investment is large.