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The S235JR steel sheet weldability

S235JR steel sheet is mainly made of carbon steel and low-alloy steel. S235JR steel sheet is a kind of shipbuilding steel plate under EN standard. It belongs to high strength sheet. The S235JR steel sheet is equivalent to DIN: st37-2, JIS:S5400, ASTM:A283C, UNI:FE360B.
The weldability of S235JR steel sheet carbon steels is affected by carbon content, carbon equivalent CEV, product size and shape, manufacturing and service conditions, etc.
Since S235JR steel sheet is a low carbon steel with a carbon content C< 0.35%, and of maximum Carbon Equivalent Value permitted of 0.35% which allows no special treatment before or after welding (CEV < 0.45%), it is considered to have excellent weldability. However, S235JR steel sheet killed steels are preferable to rimmed steels particularly if segregation zones could be encountered during welding (AWS D1.1-96, 1996).
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