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What is the difference between EN 10346 HX220YD automobile steel plate and ordinary steel plate

1. Different properties: EN 10346 HX220YD automobile steel plate is divided into hot-rolled steel sheet, cold-rolled steel sheet and coated steel sheet from the production process characteristics. The steel plate is a flat steel that is poured with molten steel and pressed after cooling.

2. Different features: The steel plate is flat and rectangular, which can be directly rolled or cut from a wide steel strip. EN 10346 HX220YD automobile steel plate constitute the parts of the car body roughly divided into panel parts, structural parts, walking parts and reinforcement parts.

3. Different applications: EN 10346 HX220YD automobile steel plate is used in luggage, motorcycle shells, cars, bus roofs, dashboards, seat backing panels, door panels, window frames, etc. Steel plates are mainly used to manufacture bridges, ships, vehicles, boilers, high-pressure vessels, oil and gas pipelines, large steel structures, etc.

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