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Xinjiang Horgos Port imported more than 190,000 tons of iron ore products in the first quarter

On April 27, according to the statistics of Horgos Customs, from January to March this year, Horgos port imported 197,000 tons of iron ore products, with a trade volume of 170 million yuan (RMB, the same below).


According to reports, in order to deepen international cooperation in energy and minerals and ensure safe and efficient customs clearance of iron ore, Horgos continues to deepen the reform of customs supervision operations, implements classified management of imported iron ore, and improves the pertinence of inspection and supervision. At the same time, it has established an information interaction platform with agency companies to grasp the import and inspection of mineral products at the first time, which greatly saves the time for customs clearance of goods and reduces the cost of enterprises.


The Customs has established a customs-enterprise liaison mechanism to grasp the enterprise's import plan, logistics dynamics and other information in advance, and has designated personnel and posts to guide enterprises to flexibly adopt centralized declaration, two-step declaration and other modes. At the same time, it strictly implements "risk research and judgment + quick screening", superimposes the convenience of customs clearance such as first release and then inspection, and learns from the direct lift mode by the sea, allowing high-level certified enterprises to directly reload imported mineral products, eliminating the need for goods to be pushed and transported, and goods moved. transport link. Imported iron ore products can enter the line at any time, and can be inspected at any time. The release cycle is significantly shortened, and the average inspection and release time is shortened by nearly 20 times.


The iron ore products imported by Horgos are mainly iron ore, iron powder, and pellets, all of which are produced in Kazakhstan.