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The advantages of 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate

The biggest advantage of 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate is that it can be recycled 100%, which is consistent with environmental protection, energy saving and resource saving. The national strategy encourages to expand the application field of 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate.

At present, the consumption of 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate in China only accounts for half of the total steel production in developed countries. The application of 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate provides a broader space for the development of the industry. According to the research of 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate branch of China Steel Association, the demand for high-pressure 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate and long products in China will increase by 10-12% per year in the future.

Main properties: compared with 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate, the steel has higher oxidation resistance and thermal strength. The creep limit of the steel is close to the permanent strength value and has high plasticity under continuous tension. 12Cr1MoV alloy steel plate has good processability and weldability, but it needs to be preheated to 300 before welding and stress relief after welding.