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The importance of 20MnB5 steel density

Density is one of the characteristics of 20MnB5 steel. Each specification of 20MnB5 steel has a certain density. The density of different specifications (20MnB5 plate, 20MnB5 bar, 20MnB5 strip, 20MnB5 wire, 20MnB5 pipe) is generally different. Generally speaking, no matter what state the 20MnB5 steel is in, the volume or density will change accordingly as the temperature and pressure change. The density of 20MnB5 steel represents the mass per unit volume of 20MnB5 steel, which indirectly affects the price of 20MnB5 steel. Therefore, the density of 20MnB5 steel is also an important consideration in material selection.

There are three kinds of density of 20MnB5 steel, including true density, apparent density and effective density. What role does it play in 20MnB5 steel?
1. Before casting 20MnB5 steel, the factory needs to estimate how much metal is melted. The required amount of metal can be calculated according to the volume of the mold and the density of 20MnB5 steel.
2. Calculate the volume of 20MnB5 steel whose specifications are difficult to weigh or whose shape is more complicated.
3. Identify unknown components in 20MnB5 steel.