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Comparison of mechanical properties between 51CrV4 steel plate and 60Si2Mn steel plate

Both 60Si2Mn steel plate and 51CrV4 steel plate are alloy steel plates with similar mechanical properties.

Mechanical properties of 51CrV4: σs≥1175mpa, σB≥1500MPa, δs≥6%, ψ≥40%, shear and torsion allowable stress ≥1050mpa. The fatigue life is 3 million times, and the allowable shear and torsion stress is more than 1050 MPa.
Mechanical properties of 60Si2Mn: σs≥ 1176mpa, σB ≥1274mpa, δs≥5%, ψ≥25%.

The working temperature of 51CrV4 steel plate can reach 300℃ and that of 60Si2Mn steel plate is only 250℃. In addition, 60Si2Mn steel plate is mostly used for leaf spring, volute spring and spring with diameter less than 30mm, and 51CrV4 steel plate is mostly used for spring with larger diameter.