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Customize Q345D steel plate according to demand

Q345D steel plate is a low-alloy steel plate commonly used in China. Q345D steel plate executive standard: GB/T1591-2008 "low alloy high strength structural steel". Q345D steel plate is compared with Q345A, B, C steel. The test temperature of low temperature impact energy is low (-20℃ minimum 27J). Q345D steel plate has good mechanical properties. Contains harmful substances P and S are lower than Q345A, B, and C. The market price of Q345D steel plate is higher than that of Q345A, B and C.

When the buyer needs the Q345D steel plate to have thickness direction performance, add the symbol representing the thickness direction (Z direction) performance level after the above-mentioned grade, for example: Q345DZ15.

Q345D steel plate is a commonly used low-alloy plate in my country, which is the same grade as S355J2 in Germany and ASTM A529M Gr50 in the United States, with slightly different chemical components and the same mechanical properties.

Under normalizing delivery conditions, Q345D steel plate is the same as German S355J2G3, and even almost the same as S355J2G4 in performance, and can be used interchangeably.