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Specification for properties and heat treatment of 51CrV4 steel plate

51CrV4 steel plate mechanical properties
Tensile strength σB (MPA): ≥ 1274 (130)
Yield strength σs (MPA): ≥ 1127 (115)
Elongation δ5 (%): ≥ 10
Reduction of area ψ(%): ≥ 40
Hardness: hot rolling, ≤321HB; cold drawing + heat treatment, ≤321HB

Heat treatment specification and microstructure of 51CrV4 steel plate
Heat treatment specification: quenching 850℃± 20℃, oil cooling; tempering 500℃± 50℃ (special needs, ± 30℃).

Delivery status of 51CrV4 steel plate: hot rolled steel is delivered in the state of heat treatment or non heat treatment, and cold drawn steel is delivered in the state of heat treatment.