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ASME SA588 Grade A Mechanical Properties

ASME SA588 Grade A is weather resistant steel. Whether refers to the chemical composition of these steels, allowing them to exhibit increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to other steels. It is because the steel forms a protective layer on its surface under the influence of the weather.

Steel grade: ASME SA588 Grade A Steel Sheet
Standard: ASME
Thickness: 1.2-150mm
Width: 1220mm-4200mm
Length: 5000mm-18000mm

The corrosion-retarding effect of the protective layer is produced by the particular distribution and concentration of alloying elements in it. The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather. In other words, ASME SA588 Grade A steel is allowed to rust in order to form the 'protective' coating.

What is the difference between A588 Grade A and SA588 Grade A?

Actually, their mechanical and chemical properties are identical and it is the produce standard that is the key difference. ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Materials, produce standards that define limits and parameters on a product’s properties and the methods of testing those properties. ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, meanwhile, specific standards for materials to be used in construction and infrastructure. The correct standard to keep is based on the specific contract or on local laws. The difference between the two standards is less concrete--even for concrete.

ASME SA588 Grade A Steel Chemical Composition.

Grade C% Si% Mn% P% S% Cu% V% Cr% Ni%
SA588 Grade A 0.19 0.30-0.65 0.8-1.25 0.050 0.040 0.25-0.40 0.02-0.10 0.4-0.65 0.40

ASME SA588 Grade A Steel Mechanical Properties

Grade Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation %
SA588 Grade A ≥290-340 MPa ≥430-480 MPa 21

ASME SA588 Grade A Application:
As to the features of weather steel, ASME SA588 Grade A steel is the best choice for serious weather condition's structure.Architectural structure, like bridge, tower, oil derrick, harbor structure, chimneys, tubular bridges,Railway train, dining car, reefer car, etc,Stamping piece and decoration piece.Transportation manufacturing.Facades, wall cladding.Architectural roof.Landscape.Sculpture.Tanks.

SA588 Grade A Delivery Condition: Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Normalized, Quenched, Tempering, Thermal Mechanical Control Process (TMCP).

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