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New Steel enters the industrial 5G eraNew Steel enters the industrial 5G era
Industrial enterprises plan to build 5G fully connected factories, promote the penetration of 5G applications from peripheral auxiliary links to core production
Ultra-thin "hand torn steel"Ultra-thin "hand torn steel"
Tiancai Technology has successfully developed SUS304 stainless steel foil with a thickness of only 0.039mm and a width of 600mm. "Hand tearing steel" is a wide
Steel production and 5G smart factories,MaanshanSteel production and 5G smart factories,Maanshan
Maanshan Iron & Steel integrates 5G, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and takes the newly built CCPP (gas-steam com
Some knowledge of steel productionSome knowledge of steel production
Mold reverse taper (upper mouth width - lower mouth width) / (upper mouth width x mold length) * 100%, the value is 1.1%/m-1.7%/m, the value of the value is rel
Steelmaking KnowledgeSteelmaking Knowledge
Carbon and oxygen concentration productThat is, under a certain temperature and pressure, the product of the mass percent concentration of carbon and oxygen in
U.S. suspends steel tariffs on UkraineU.S. suspends steel tariffs on Ukraine
The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on April 9, local time, that it would suspend tariffs on steel imports from Ukraine for one year. U.S. Commerce Secret
Steel production knowledgeSteel production knowledge
1. Oxygen supply intensity Oxygen consumption per ton of steel per unit time, generally 3.2m ³/ (t·min)~4.5m ³/ (t · min), take the midd
Longmen Iron and Steel Scenic SpotLongmen Iron and Steel Scenic Spot
In the context of the new era, industrial integration has become a common phenomenon in the economic field, which not only breaks down industrial barriers and e
5G and the steel industry5G and the steel industry
5G has many application scenarios in the steel industry, which enables continuous optimization of the production process. Technological progress 5G empowers the
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