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ASME SA572 Grade 50 steel plateASME SA572 Grade 50 steel plate
Steel is so commonplace in our daily lives that we forget how important it is - for thousands of years, humans have tried their best to extract this excellent m
ASME SA36 steel plate of BBNASME SA36 steel plate of BBN
ASME SA36 is suitable for structural parts such as buildings, bridges, ships, and automobiles. In addition to the direct differences in basic material propertie
What is stainless steel?What is stainless steel?
Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant alloy of iron, chromium and, in some cases, nickel and other metals. Completely and infinitely recyclable, stainless st
steel and sportsteel and sport
1.Fencing blades use maraging steel, known for its superier strength and toughness without losing malleability.
2.wheelchair rugby bumpers often use high-carbon
Steel and TransportationSteel and Transportation
Steel makes a huge contribution to the world's transportation. High-speed rail runs through north-south and east-west, railway connects you, me, and others.
Steel---build your warm homeSteel---build your warm home
1. The steel structure is convenient for transportation and on-site assembly, saving construction time, energy and cost.
2. Steel can be passed down from genera
Steel and the SeaSteel and the Sea
1. 90% of the world's goods are transported by steel ships.
2. Steel is strong and durable, and is the ideal material to protect our houses from flooding.
Automakers use automotive structure steel plate to build safer, lighter carsAutomakers use automotive structure steel plate to build safer, lighter cars
Advanced high-strength automobile steel plates are helping automakers usher in an era of stronger, lighter vehicles that improve fuel efficiency and reduce emi
S700MC ,the high yield automobile structure steel plate & automobile manufacturingS700MC ,the high yield automobile structure steel plate & automobile manufacturing
S700MC automobile structure steel plate is mainly used in automobile structure, engineering machinery, manufacture of container, etc. The standard of S700MC ste
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